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The Story...

Artisan and Merchant is a clothing and homewares shop based in Raglan NZ that gives a shit….gives a shit about quality, gives a shit about design, gives a shit about affordability and functionality. We give a shit about our environment and we most definitely give a shit about supporting local! Bugger buying products made in a sweatshop …no feel good factor there!
Along side our own locally produced clothing range Honest John, we also stock beautiful homewares and accessories from NZ and all over the world...focusing on ethically made and produced pieces with a point of difference.
All Honest John Clothing is made locally in the Waikato, New Zealand…supporting local industry and businesses…  making killer clothes that don’t kill the environment!! 
 Honest John came about basically because I got sick of going into boutique after boutique that were all selling the same labels, at crazy inflated prices and that were manufactured offshore out of cheap and toxic fabrics. I wanted customers to have the opportunity to buy locally made and cleverly designed quality clothing  that had a point of difference but at affordable prices. Pieces that weren’t mass produced, that supported local businesses and had a much lesser impact on our environment  (fashion is the third most polluting industry on the planet!)..... so all fabrics used to produce Honest John clothing are carefully selected for their quality and are all derived from natural resources….because who really enjoys wearing polyester? No one!     
I 100% believe that the world would be a better and happier place if everyone spent local and supported their local community……old school styles!
All that serious stuff aside though…..I don’t take life too seriously…its all about having a laugh along the way. Other things I give a shit about are travel and exploring, afternoon naps, rainy days, summer evenings, good friends, good food, cheap wine, long talks, broadened horizons, a spirit of adventure and a whole lot of crazy fun!